Teacher Retirement Poem

I was asked to write this for a retirement reception for some special ed and kindergarten teachers. You may not understand it all, since it is specific to our school, policies, their sayings, and duties. I don’t usually do rhyme, and I know the ending gets off meter, but I wanted to say what I wanted to say!

Seeds You’ve Sown

by Wynne Huddleston

No bells to alarm,
no papers to correct
no parents to charm,
nor money to collect,

no mindless repetition,
no children left behind,
no scolding, admonitions
no young minds to refine,

no discipline forms to fill,
no watching out for bullies,
no walking up the hill,
no cold morning duties,

no uniforms, no calming
kindergartners’ fears.
From SPED and I.E.P.s
to mainstreamed and Tiers–

whatever the “powers
that be” contrived–
you put in the hours
and somehow survived.

Amidst chasing rabbits,
tornado procedures,
correcting bad habits,
and calling legislatures,

you still found time to give
a smile, a nod, a touch,
a cougar buck or high-five,
things that meant so much

to a struggling girl or boy.
Now you have done your best
time to go out and enjoy,
or maybe get some rest!

But this is not the end
bells will continue to ring
and surely you, my friend,
will be reminded each spring

that the seeds of wisdom you’ve sown
will become fruitful trees
and in turn, when full grown,
will replant those same seeds.


Joyce's Poem

6 thoughts on “Teacher Retirement Poem

  1. This poem left me a heart felt message; for we dont really appreciate our teachers until we’re old enough to realize the lessons we’ve learnt – and by the time we are our old teacher’s age, we strive to aim the message across. This truly touched my heart, and I hope that it has for you too. There are many other heartfelt messages like one where it depicts a clear message; one does not realize what one has until its gone, and to embrace the past for a sucessful future. Here, read it for yourself, you won’t disagree with me; come and read more
    Teacher Poems

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