“It is a beautiful, rare moment when a poem brings one to tears.  Reading Wynne Huddleston’s “Granddaughter of Make-do” left me weeping.  The poem isn’t sad, in fact, it’s not emotional at all.  It’s a matter-of-fact, lovely-written ownership of being Southern-born.”
   –Sharing Story with Paula J. Vaughan

“Reading Wynne Huddleston’s poetry is peering into a heritage you’ve never known existed. It eases you, slides you into the world Huddleston has, clearly, known all her life and stirs your sensibilities and sympathies. There’s pain and dark humor there, the occasional flash of anger, and the frustrations that world includes. But most of all there’s appreciation of it, and love for it, and the intensely personal and keen eye that makes it thoroughly visible.”
   –Evan Guilford-Blake, Playwright, Poet, Novelist

A beautiful testament to the value and importance of the Mississippi Poetry Society
   –Paula Lambert, The Sudden Seduction of Gravity

 “I was especially impressed by the villanelle ["The Child"]; it’s a hard  form to write well. You have.”
–Evan Guilford-Blake, Playwright, Poet, Novelist

Besides Wynne Huddleston’s fantastic poetry, this blog features poetry news, poetry writing, publishing, submission information, and suggestions. Two favorite poems include “Blue” and “Paint the Light.”
   – “Choice Five: Top Poetry Blogs” bHeather Thomas, Santa Ana Poetry Examiner.

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