2010 Mississippi Writers Guild Officers

Tornados Strike Mississippi during our Mississippi Writers Guild Meeting!

On April 24, 2010, I went with members of the Meridian chapter of the Mississippi Writers Guild to our state meeting in Clarksdale. I was anxious about going because weather reports warned about possible tornados, damaging winds and large hail. We decided to wait for another group to follow us, causing us to leave an hour and 20 min. later than we had planned. We went through a few sprinkles and a mild rain before getting to the library where our meeting was held. The winds were fierce, however, almost blowing me off the sidewalk into the street while walking back to the car. On our way home, just before we got to Kosciusko, there were crews who had just removed trees off the road. There must have been a tornado there while we were in the meeting! Entire trees and trees with their tops twisted off lay on each side of the road and far back into the woods on each side, also. Reports claimed there was a mile wide tornado in Vicksburg, one in Yazoo City and one not too far from my home in the Chunky-Meehan area. There were 10 killed including 3 children, along with many injured. The tornado in my area only damaged a church. See this eerie picture in the Meridian Star is of an undisturbed table setting beside an entire wall ripped apart in that church:


On the bright side, God was looking out for us and I was elected Mississippi Writers Guild Secretary!


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