Delta Blues Anthology and Morgan Freeman!

me with Morgan Freeman



March 26-27 I attended our Mississippi Writers Guild (Delta Chapter) release party and book signing of the “Delta Blues Anthology” which benefits Morgan Freeman’s literacy foundation, Rock River, thanks to the publisher, Tyrus Books. I had my picture made with Morgan Freeman! He took my iPhone after the picture and said, “That light is bad, let’s take it again over there.” That was so sweet, especially as there was a huge crowd lined up for photos.

Our guild also gave a $1,000 scholarship to a high school delta student who will major in the literary field, and awards were given for a student writing contest. The author pre-release party was at Cutrer’s mansion where we met the authors (alas, John Grisham didn’t make it) and had a tour of the mansion (of William Faulkner fame) including a ghost story. We had a blast at his Ground Zero Blues Club, and ate at his restaurant Madidi’s. If you go to Clarksdale you must also check out the Cat Head Music/Book Shop. Here are articles about the book release if you are interested.


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