How God uses the Holes in your Heart



The Heart as Flute

There are many cultures and religions that have a flute story. The Hindus picture Krishna with a crown of colorful peacock feathers playing a flute. This is because they believe God’s love must ultimately fill the whole body of man through his heart, which is like a flute. Buddhist Komuso were samurai priests with no masters. They covered their faces in a show of total selflessness, with only their flutes showing beneath the baskets they carried on their heads to collect illnesses or problems of others. This shakuhachi music, or Sui-Zen, would cause those who heard it to fall into a trance and lose their sufferings in the music. Rumi claims that the heart is first a solid reed… to read more click here

(The Spirituality Book: Latest God Poems News, Feb. 7, 2009 featured this post from my blog) 

God Poems Citizen Journalism 


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