Poetry Submissions-Part 1: How

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How do you make a poetry submission? What are the rules?  How do you format your document? How do you write a bio? Do you need a copyright? These are some questions I asked when I decided to submit my poems to journals and magazines.  After many long hours of online research I found several helpful sites and made a list that became my “Bible” for making poetry submissions. I also got some helpful advice from the speakeasy at http://www.pw.org/connect , joined the Writers Guild and attended workshops.  The Mississippi Arts Commission provides grants to artists in our state and offer great advice in their guide,  How to Become a Published Writer.

The first part of my series on Poetry Submissions will be restricted to “how.”  The next three parts will pertain to “where,” “getting organized,” and “craft.”  This is rather backwards, I suppose, but let us assume that you have some poems that you feel are worthy of publication and simply need to know how to go about it.  Hopefully this list will save you some time and answer your questions, too.

Chris Hamilton “Making  Poetry Submissions” http://www.saltpublishing.com/info/submissions.htm

The Comstock Review has a Poet’s Handbook that covers everything you need to know about making poetry submissions from an editor’s standpoint.

Michael Pollick “How To Submit Poetry Manuscripts To Magazines”

Copyright info & sample cover letter:



Author Bio:

“The Poet’s Guide to Submitting, Publishing and Living Poetry” http://www.comstockreview.org/handbook/index.html

Format for Poetry from Author! Author!::Anne Mini’s Blog

How to format a manuscript, terms explained:

Do keep in mind that most journals will detail how they want your submission to be formatted, so carefully READ THE GUIDELINES!

Top 10 Peeves of Editors:

Editors’  Advice:

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