What a Weekend!

Friday handed out programs for awards program and helped check out students all day long.

Friday night: Off to Forest! The song went great! Dinah Rebecca (Lachney) sang my song, Many More Birthdays at Forest, MS’s Relay for Life Opening Ceremony. It was very touching for me, as I wrote it for my sister, Barbra! I was afraid it would rain, but it didn’t, and the sunset was glorious. I got some of it on camera, but missed the best.

Saturday: Decorated for the Reception for Richelle Putnam, founder and president of the Miss. Writers Guild for the last 5 years. Then I had to go shop and get my nails done. Got home at 8:30 pm, exhausted!

Sunday: Got up early to go to parents for magnolias. Dad got a ladder and got the 4 prettiest within reach. My daughter-in-law came over and downloaded the video of Dinah singing at Relay for Life, but my computer’s memory is nearly full. I have to find a way to clear some space. The weird thing is, I dreamed about a huge, long black and gray snake… and she started telling me that she would have gotten here earlier but there was this snake in the driveway. Yes. I saw the picture and it was exactly as I’d dreamed.

It may have been a rat snake or a chicken snake, but I’m too chicken to take chances! Next, I had to figure a way to get the magnolias in the car without touching the petals (they would turn brown). I turned a water bottle cardboard case container upside down, poked holes through it, stuck the stems through it, put pieces of Styrofoam under each stem. Then I went to Meridian to put them on the table. Everything looked great, Richelle was happy, Sheila Hutcherson sang a blues song she wrote for her and Robert Ray read a poem he wrote for her. Both were touching and funny! Now I can breathe… after Tuesday’s piano recital. But I only have one student in it. Friday is our last day of school. YAY

See the MWG initial wreaths? I got this idea from a friend who just had a wedding. I found some 12 in. squares of moss at the dollar store. This is how I made them. Decide how big you want the letters. Draw or trace the letters onto thick cardboard (I used a ruler, since I had no pattern) then cut them out… it ruins your scissors, so don’t use your best ones on this project. Spray paint the back and edges a mossy green. After they are dry, cut and hot glue pieces of the moss onto the front and edges of the cardboard. Use the pieces that fall off to fill in and glue to edges, trying to wrap around them just a little. You can also buy loose moss if you need extra. Take a length of wide ribbon and hot glue to the back for the hanger. Make a bow to hide the nail, staple or hot glue it to the back.

Board members, past and present with Richelle.


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