Happy Father’s Day

I am proud that I still have my dad. He is of the most impeccable character; one would have a hard time finding any fault in him. He is a wonderful father to his 3 daughters, grandfather to our 5 sons, great-grandfather to our 2 great-grandsons, (first granddaughter is on the way), and 4 adopted great-grandchildren. My parents were born at the beginning of the Great Depression. Dad was telling me about the WWII rationing of gasoline, tires, sugar, meat, silk, shoes, nylon and even pepper. He, nor mom could understand why there was a shortage of pepper, maybe something with the ammo? At least they didn’t have to worry about destroying planet earth back then. Perhaps they should have. But their water was clean, and the ozone layer still existed; then factories brought the air pollution. I wonder how bad it will get for us; the rationing of power and fuel.

My parents went through some tough times, put they pulled together, never apart… each playing their assigned role in our lives without question or complaint. Being born of that stoic generation, they often held us at arm’s length, with strict rules for behavior and an expectation of success. They were not huggers, they did not tell us “I love you,” in words…but we knew.


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