Book Signing Advice

A friend posted this on facebook, “How to Conduct a Successful Book Signing Event” by Sally Watkins via @JohnKremer.  I haven’t gotten to this point yet, but some of you may find it useful.

Another friend and prolific magazine writer, Cheryl Wray posted The Joys and Hazards of Book Signings on Writing for Dollars. She is the author of Writing for Magazines (McGraw-Hill), a popular guide for freelancers, and has published over 1000 articles in magazines.In this article she says to

1) Be sure the bookstore is prepared for you, has a table set up. Have posters set up in the store.

2) Do your own press releases in the local newspapers, have posters around town. 

3) Make eye contact with customers and appear friendly. A freebie (bookmark or candy) with contact info is also a good idea.

4) Ask bookstore manager if you can sign your remaining books.

5) Keep in touch with the bookstore.

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