Happy Summer Solstice!

Starry-eyed Predictions

 by Wynne Huddleston

On Midsummer’s Eve hopeful
maidens may dream of their future
husbands, with wormwood
or yarrow tucked under
their pillows, and mistletoe
to stave off misfortune.
Calendula is for healing,
and Saint John’s Wort,

for prophecy and protection. But
pick these flowers and herbs
at midnight, leave food for the
faeries and be quick
about the rites. For Grandfather
Time has fixed the hours
between day and night in Sun’s
favor. The bonfire will soon die

to ash and Sun will wake early
to take Fire’s place, but stay up
late to make a visit briefly over
the tropic of Cancer. Then the silver
Wheel of the Stars will roll on,
and Harvest will begin
his journey.

Published in Emerald Tales, Midsummer’s Eve, Vol. 2, No. 3.


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