Since…Don’t Forget 

A Decade Since
by Wynne Huddleston
Don’t forget the horror
Don’t forget the tears
Don’t forget the despair
although it’s been 10 years.
Don’t forget the men and women
who sacrificed their lives
to save someone else’s daughters,
and sons or husbands and wives.
But we must remember this—
how quickly we joined as one
in grief and anger and love
fighting through fire and stone
to rescue and comfort each other.
Boundaries of politics, race
and religion all disappeared
in the dust of this gray place.
We raised our flag and our voices here
where two tall towers had stood
America breathed and grieved
as one in love and brotherhood.
Mourning, she buried the dead,
counted the injured and lost.
Then swiftly lifted up her head
and vowed no matter the cost
such evil, viscious acts of terror
on American soil could never,
WOULD never
again be allowed to occur.
© Wynne Huddleston
Sept. 11, 2011
I was just moved to pen this poem. I’m sure I’ll change some things, but wanted to post it in remembrance for this day of sorrow. Please do not copy it, but feel free to share the link to it. Thanks!

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